Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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New Colors for Aspen Boots - Poll!

Fancy leopard print? Hate it? Let us know in the poll below!

Hi! We're already thinking ahead to Fall (I know, whattttt?) and we need your help to decide on new colorways for our popular Aspen Booties.

We currently offer black/black and red/black, but we'd like to expand into something new...please let us know what you like!

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Monday, April 29, 2019

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Meet the New "Poppy" Oxfords - Foxtrot Summer 2019

Practically perfect in every way - Poppy Retro Oxfords in blue suede + leather, with a contrast shoe lace in bright red, by Royal Vintage
Opening for pre-order in April, our fresh and fabulous new "Poppy" Oxfords live up to their name, available in a bold blue hue or a rich red. We were inspired by sophisticated textures, eye-catching color combos, and heroines of yore.

The new "Poppy" Oxfords in gorgeous red suede and leather, paired with bright blue ribbon laces. Poppies also come with matching red laces.
The Poppies are made of luscious suede foxed with matching calf leather in a very 1930s design with the teardrop toe and broguing. The oxfords lace up with a contrast ribbon lace, but we've also included a matching lace in every box.

Oh this blue! Delectable blue suede and leather and bright red ribbon laces. Each pair also comes with a matching pair of laces. 
The Poppies rise on our 2.5 inch 1930s heel, perfectly balanced for all-day-and-night comfort. Plus, for the first time, all of the new Royal Vintage shoes come with sealed leather soling, great for all types of wear including dancing.

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Pre-Order Now Open - Foxtrot Summer Shoes

Well it took us awhile, but all is ready for the new Foxtrot Summer collection pre-order!

You all know the drill...

- $20 off all pre-order styles
- All USA orders ship FREE
- All USA orders get free returns* & exchanges
- All orders qualify for EasyPay Layaway

The new "Daphne" wedge - yup, 2 inch wedges! - in red, also available in navy blue.
"Cora" 1940s Sandals in teal suede with contrast coral shoe laces (matching shoe lace also included)

Oh the joy!

We hope you enjoy all these bold and beautiful new 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s shoes! You'll be excited to know, as well, that all of these new shoes come with *LEATHER SOLES,* which means you can wear these for swing dancing as well as daily wear.

* Free return for store credit - or - return for a cash refund with the supplied shipping label for a $6.95 fee.

Stunning new "Poppy" oxfords in red with blue laces (red laces come with them as well) - suede and leather gorgeousness

Lauren's fave - "Maria" pumps in gorgeous pine green. These leather pumps have suede teardrop toes, standing tongues, and bows.

A fan favorite - "Lillian" 1920s/30s shoes now available in buttery yellow and ivory.

Bright and beautiful "Poppy" oxfords in blue with red laces - matching blue laces are also included.

"Maria" pumps in luscious red leather and suede. These have a standing tongue and perfect-fit elastic insets at the sides, making these shoes very secure and comfortable, even for dancing.

Our popular "Lillian" Art Deco Mary Janes are now available with leather soles.

Top-selling "Marilyn" 1940s / 1950s pinup pumps in black leather are back and sporting leather soles.

The new 2 inch wedges, "Daphne" is made in canvas and leather and really is as comfy as she looks. Wear these all summer long and for swing dancing too.

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Monday, April 22, 2019

I'm "Daphne!" - New Summer Sandals - Foxtrot Summer 2019

Beautiful new "Daphne" wedges in Navy Blue, by Royal Vintage
We'd like to introduce "Daphne," a totally new style opening for pre-order April 25 - May 17 at RoyalVintageShoes.com ! Yup, Daphne is our new wedge heel and offers a casual, adorable, practical comfort and style for Spring and Summer.

Based on original 1930s and 1940s designs, Daphne pairs a hard-wearing canvas textile with leather quarters. She has a small peep toe and a lace-up vamp, paired with leather soles, making Daphne a wonderfully danceable wedge as well as perfect for all-day wear.

Daphne in red - the winner of our color poll!
Daphne sits beautifully on our new 2 inch wedge. She's available in navy blue (yes, I said navy blue!) and red, two beautiful neutrals (yes, I said neutrals!) for your warm-weather dresses, skirts, and trousers. They're every bit as comfortable as they look, too.

Don't miss these lovely ladies!

Daphne and all of the piping hot new
Foxtrot Summer collection is open for
pre-order April 25 - May 17 only at
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