Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Who's That Girl? Meet Tina Vines

Who is that gorgeous new face on, our Facebook, and Instagram? Meet Tina Vines, vintage fashion enthusiast and entrepreneur.

Tina modeled a beautiful original vintage western outfit for our mid-Summer photo shoot recently. With her unique aesthetic and up-for-anything personality, we knew she was the perfect '40s gal for this imagery.

We chatted with Tina about her style, business, and tips for vintage lovers. Read on...

Tina Vines for Royal Vintage Shoes, June 2017

RVS: How long have you been into vintage fashion?

TV: I've loved "old things" since I was a kid, which I'm sure began when my grandma would take me antiquing and to yard sales in the south. I was very experimental with my clothing as a teenager and liked to make and alter my wardrobe in any way possible, although "vintage" wasn't really on my radar. However, once in college, I began majoring in Apparel Design and delved into fashion history and clothing design. I developed a great love for vintage fashion, but didn't start dressing in a vintage style until I was about 25.

Tina modeled the "Dolores" 1940s Slingbacks in green. Click through to shop these shoes.
RVS: What is your favorite decade?

TV: I've always loved the hairstyles and clothing of the 1940s over any other decade. The styles are so feminine and glamorous yet practical/wearable. I love the figure-flattering narrow waist and broad shoulder silhouette as well as the knee or calf length skirt. There is also a playfulness to 1940s fashion that appeals to me: novelty prints, platform shoes, playsuits, fun separates, vibrant colors, etc.

RVS: What is your favorite style or genre within your vintage focus?

TV: I really love vintage western wear! I've grown more obsessed with it in the last few years and have really embraced the style. There were great western films being made in the 1940s and 1950s, my favorites feature Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Western wear grew in popularity at this time and there were such beautiful garments being made. I love the heavily embroidered western shirts worn in the movies, rhinestoned and fringed suits worn by western singers as well as the more wearable styles that were seen on ranches and/or worn by real cowboys & cowgirls. There is also a related style/genre that I love which is southwestern inspired fashion. I collect vintage southwestern jewelry and Mexican embroidered blouses, which I love to mix with my western wear.

Tina Vines for - June 2017

RVS: What are your styling tips to newbies getting into your favorite vintage fashion focus?

TV: Hmm..I guess I'd say that it is easy to look too costume-y when wearing western wear. I would suggest looking for inspiration in gals like Dale Evans who wore the western clothing in a classic way.

RVS: Where are you favorite places to shop?

TV: I love to scour antique malls and vintage stores for treasures but also buy on Etsy or Ebay. I'm quite a bargain hunter, so I tend to wait until I find a good deal. However, I will splurge every now & then when I find the PERFECT item at a Vintage Expo or shop.

Tina Vines for - June 2017

RVS: Do you have any beauty/styling tips for hair/makeup for our readers?

TV: My simple beauty tips are - set your hair with foam rollers and setting lotion (Lottabody) for that classic 40's wave, do a strong yet natural brow, use neutral eye shadow shades ( I like colors in the tan/brown/copper family), apply a nice mascara and of course a bold, matte red lip! My favorite lipsticks are Sephora cream stain (color 01), Besame Red Velvet and Mac Russian Red. For mascaras, I like Besame cake mascara and Benefit Roller Lash.

Tina Vines for - June 2017

RVS: Do you work in the vintage fashion world? What do you do?

TV: I do custom chainstitch embroidery using an industrial embroidery machine that is just over 100 years old. This kind of embroidery is commonly seen on vintage western wear, bowling shirts and letterman jackets. I do a wide array of custom work but especially love doing vintage lettering, floral designs and western motifs. I also make felt purses and patches which I sell in my Etsy shop, Vines of the West.

RVS: How can we find out more about your business/products?

TV: I have a website for my embroidery business, Vines of the West, as well as an instagram page & an etsy store!

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Friday, June 30, 2017

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O Hai! It's Our Mid-Summer Sale!

If you've been following us on Instagram or Facebook, you'll know we're having a super-awesome mega sale!

This is a pretty big one - it's a big step for us, too! For our little company, this sale marks the departure from carrying other brand's footwear to going our solely (hehe, get it?) on our own. From this point forward we will only be offering shoes of our own make from Royal Vintage and American Duchess.

We are clearing out ALL Chelsea Crew, b.a.i.t., Miss L Fire, and Aerosoles. We also have two Royal Vintage styles on sale - Dolores in green and Marilyn in black

You can help us make this transition and snag some
beautiful vintage-style shoes for an amazing price too.

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

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Royal Vintage Shoes + Revival Retro Boutique, London!

In my last post, I mentioned I visited the wonderful London shop Revival Retro. I had the opportunity to pitch the amazing owner, Rowena, on our various designs, so I took with me a suitcase full of shoes - 22 different styles!

Much business was discussed over Swedish cardamon buns and coffees, and many shoes were fondled and tried on, and by the end of it all - I'm so excited to say - we have a new, wonderful business relationship!

UK ladies, you know that awful, rage-inducing feeling you get when Parcel Force tells you you still have to pay £xxx before they'll let you have your shoes? Well scratch that.

Now you can purchase, return, and exchange your shoes in the UK without all the pain of international shipping, import duties, and fees. Soon you'll be able to try on and walk out of the store right then and there too!

Revival has just opened up UK pre-orders for Royal Vintage Shoes on their site. You can have them shipped or pick them up in person from Revival in London. To order, visit Revival's site. Delivery will be in July.

We are beyond excited for this new development. For such a long time we've been looking for a way to make it easier for our British fans to enjoy our shoes. We couldn't be happier about teaming with Revival, a truly wonderful and unique boutique full of savvy and amazing women.

Fore more information, visit Revival's website.
Happy shopping!

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Friday, June 23, 2017

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A Very Vintage Trip to the UK

Hi! I'm Lauren - remember me? I've been away for awhile on a much-needed vacation to the UK. Hooray! Vacay!

It was a wonderful, restful and also stimulating trip. We did many wonderful things, and I have much to share, so just to start, here's a quick overview:

Our first full day in England was spend daytripping into London to visit the wonderful ladies of Revival Retro Boutique. I took my suitcase full of shoe samples, left with a back full of dresses and a new business relationship. :-) Royal Vintage Shoes will now be available from Revival both online and in store.

Testing, testing 1-2-3 - I wore the new "Claire" oxfords into London to check comfort and durability. A+. (Claires are coming for Fall 2017 - pre-order will open in August)

A moist hike around hilly Bakewell revelead idyllic laneways, cheese shops, and Bakewell tarts, oh yes!

Not gonna lie - this was primarily my "uniform" for most of the trip. It was chilly in the North and we did a lot of hoofin' it, so I lived in this Emmy Design cardigan, Freddies of Pinewood jeans, and Burnley and Trowbridge headscarf.

Not a bad view from the highest tower at Conwy Castle, eh?

Another to test, and more vigorously - I wore the new "Rosie" WWII Double Buckle boots for all of our days in North Wales, and really put them through strife. On this day we ascended the old city walls of Conwy and looped the town entirely.

Oh hey, lamb!

The last couple days were spent in the hot hot heat back in the South. I finally got to wear one of the fabulous dresses I'd bought at Revival Retro, and I cannot say enough good things about it. (More about this dress later)

It was hard to leave such a beautiful part of the world.
We had such a great time! I have more to share with you, including more information on the new Fall shoes I tested, so stay tuned, lovelies. <3

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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The History Behind Evelyn - Our Deco Darling Oxford

Hello Lovelies! 

Abby here! While the Pre-Order for our Deco Darlings Collection is winding down (May 31st is the last day!) we thought it would be fun to share some of the original shoes & images that inspired our collection. So, today, I'm starting with my personal favorite - the Evelyn Oxford.

Evelyn is a leather and canvas oxford that will be perfect for any sort of business, sporting, or casual vintage look. Since she's canvas with leather trim, she will be super comfy to wear in the summer, and her full foot coverage will mean that she can get you through most of autumn as well! 

Evelyn in Navy & Brown. She also comes in Tan & Brown, too!
I've had a lot of fun pairing Evelyn with everything from vintage inspired skirts and dress, to simply just jeans and a t-shirt. The secure fit and well balanced heel also makes them really comfy to walk in - I was able to clock a few miles in them in just a couple of days & my feet were fine! 

Here are some images we've found of some fabulous females rocking their oxfords - 

I've always been obsessed with her outfit - 1920s.

We love how summery and airy this outfit looks & it provides great inspiration for how to pair your Tan & Brown Evelyns!
Here are some original shoes that we've found - 

Here are some tan canvas and brown leather 1930s oxfords from Etsy
1920s Cream colored canvas with black leather oxfords from Etsy

We hope you love the Evelyn oxfords as much as we do! Don't forget that if you order before May 31st - you will get $20 off your order & Free Shipping in the USA! 
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Thursday, May 11, 2017


Oh Snap - A 1920s Photo Shoot

Back in April we did a photo shoot for the new "Deco Darlings" designs, showcasing two of our lovely 1920s and 30s shoes - Evelyn and Lillian.

Because the Deco Darlings work for two visually quite different decades, we wanted to show the versatility through two contrasting outfits. The first was the 1930s frock from this post. The second was an early 1920s ensemble.

This dress is one of the most special pieces in my meager collection of antique clothing. It's made of organdy and heavily decorated with embroidery and cutwork at the hem. There is also lace insertion, very fine lace trim on the collar and cuffs, and a subtle dropped waist with slight shaping. It's a stunning gown, and perfect for the stunning model, Rachel, who wears it here.

Royal Vintage Shoes "Lillian" Mary Janes with Original Vintage Dress

The hem detail on this original 1920s dress is fantastic.
We paired the frock with a peach slip (also original but not as old), a green tie (also original and older!), and "Lillian" Mary Janes in Sage and Ivory, named after Lillian Gish.

With Rachel's epicly waved hair, graceful figure, and fine ukelele skills, the overall effect was enchanting.

Ukelele Spring. The Ukelele is vintage too, but not nearly as old as the dress - it's been in my family since at least I was born (1983, harhar)

The green tie is actually a sash from a c. 1919 dinner gown in my collection. It was the perfect shade of green to tie in with the shoes.
The weather was cold but sunny, with the cherry trees just starting to bloom. We did the shoot at the University of Nevada, Reno, a rather pretty campus with several historic buildings from the 1920s and older.

Lillians in sage and ivory leather with a button strap and 2 3/8" reproduction heel.
{nerd} I'm very proud of these photos from a photog perspective. It was my first time shooting with the "Nifty Fifty" lens, an excellent 58 mm fixed lens with a stunning f/1.4 which makes for incredible bokeh and shallow depth of field, not unlike original autochromes, and particularly well-suited to fashion photography. I'm no expert with this lens yet but I really enjoyed working with it. {/nerd}

The wild photographer captured in her natural environment.
We hope you enjoy these shots!

If you'd like your own pair of Lillians in sage/ivory or navy/ivory, you can find them here.

Model: Rachel Huffman
Dress, Tie, Slip, Ukelele: vintage

Styling: Abby Cox
Photography: Lauren Stowell
Location: University of Nevada, Reno
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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Royal Vintage at Unique Vintage, All the Vintage!

A gorgeous new summer dress paired with "Nita" 1940s Ankle Strap Shoes, which go with *everything.*
Dolls, I'm just too excited not to share!

Our shoes - Royal Vintage Shoes - are now offered on Unique Vintage's website! (squee!) Currently Unique Vintage offers Peggy in black/white and brown/white, Marilyn in red, and Nita from our Classic 1940s collection, and will soon be adding Lillian in navy/ivory and sage/ivory and Evelyn in tan/brown from the new Deco Darlings line.

"Marilyn" in Oxblood Red Leather paired with a neutral pencil skirt and adorable cardi-blouse from Unique Vintage

From the business perspective, this is *yuuge* - UV is our first major wholesale account and we are hoping it means good things for the future. One of our goals with RV is to work with retail shops around the world, making it easier for retro-loving ladies to see and try on and purchase our designs without all the back-and-forth-shipping-waiting-customs-fees-etc.

"Peggy" 1940s Spectators in brown/white or black/white is an easy and fabulous way to spice up a nice neutral outfit like this swing skirt in navy paired with a cute button-up.
Admittedly, this is uncharted waters for us but it's an exciting ocean of possibility. Darlings, if you know of any shops you'd like to carry our shoes, please send them our way. <3

Our shoes are currently carried at:
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Monday, May 1, 2017

"New Old Stock" True Vintage Shoes Are Here

An original pair of suede pumps with cool grosgrain bows from the 1930s. New Old Stock shoes available at
A long time ago - okay, a year ago - we had the opportunity to purchase a lot (like, an auction lot) of original, never-worn vintage shoes. These shoes - about 100 pairs - were found in a general store in Canada. This is the stuff of vintage lover's dreams - a historical footwear barn-find - a treasure trove of high heeled bliss!

Of course we jumped at the chance and a great many boxes of shoes arrived soon after. The squeals were audible, opening those boxes up to find a plethora of 1920s, 30s, and 40s shoes.

Having been stashed for the greater part of a century, most of these shoes needed love. Even though they had never been owned or worn, they were dusty and needing boxes, so we set to work with the shoe polish, tissue, and fresh new Royal Vintage shoe boxes to keep them safe and organized.

White leather with perforrations. These NOS 1930s shoes are stunning. How about those rosettes and the teeny tiny peep toe?
I would love to keep all of these precious babies, and indeed we have held a few of the most exquisite designs for future reproductions, but it's time for them to go out into the world and be loved as they were always intended to be.

Now we are making these shoes available to you. It's a big undertaking, so we're adding new pairs each week until they're all up.

These shoes are possibly childrens or young ladies' shoes but can just as easily work for ladies' Summer sandals. They're about a US size 5.5, with a t-strap closure and thick leather soles.
Most of these shoes are small, no lie. They're primarily sizes 5 - 8 and quite narrow, AA through AAA, as is common with original vintage shoes. We've measured the insoles for length and the outsoles for width and come up with an approximate size, so if you're considering a pair to wear be sure to check the measurements.

We'll share more about these beauties soon, particularly our favorites, the eldest styles from the 1920s, and a few of the designs we're keeping for reference.

Check out the current offerings of NOS shoes here:
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Thursday, April 27, 2017


Oh Snap - A 1930s Photoshoot

A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to shoot with a stunning woman, Rachel, who transformed from a hip, modern gal into a statuesque Joan Crawford movie star.

Love these shoes. LOVE. Evelyn 1930s Oxfords in tan/brown by Royal Vintage
We shot at the University of Nevada, Reno, in the evening just before the sun went down. The light was soft and lovely and the historic buildings provided a lovely backdrop.

Evelyn 1930s Oxfords by Royal Vintage
The dress was made from McCall's M7153, an "Archive Collection" design from 1933 with fun Art Deco lapped seams. We paired the dress with our new "Evelyn" oxfords in tan/brown for a very '30s sportswear look.

It was a group effort, this shoot. Abby, Rachel, and I all worked on Rachel's hair and makeup. Rachel was a real sport for looking so elegant on a rather chilly April evening here in the mountains.

The Particulars:
Dress: Made by Lauren from McCall's M7153
Sunglasses: Charming Charlie
Model: Rachel Huffman
Styling: Abby Cox
Photography: Lauren Stowell
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