Thursday, March 23, 2017

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Our "Deco Darlings" Shoe Inspiration

Behind every great retro shoe is a fabulous original vintage shoe (or lots of them).

We have *a lot* of original vintage and antique shoes in our ever-growing archive. We use these for inspiration, to study, and to take molds and patterns from. In addition, we draw inspiration from old magazine and catalog ads, antique footwear in museum collections, and old movies.

"Downton Abbey" used a great many original shoes in production, like the gold pair Lady Rose is sporting here. These inspired our "Roxy" directly, couldn't you tell?
This Spring's new collection, the Deco Darlings, combine many elements of beautiful vintage footwear. Our goal was to create three styles for Summer to take a girl through a whole day and evening - sporty oxfords for active style, a solid mary jane for tea time, and a flashy metallic shoe for evening glamour.

1930s inspiration influencing the "Lillian" Mary Janes in navy blue and ivory. (via) 

1920s inspiration - sage green and ivory/tan leather mary janes with all kinds of beautiful cutwork. Shoe Icons Museum. 
Another goal of the Deco Darlings collection was to create totally unique designs with our Royal Vintage flair for the accurate. There were *so many* incredible designs in the '20s and '30s with bright colors, extravagant fabrics, and glitzy heels. There were also myriad plain and practical shoes - black, brown, ivory, rinse, repeat. We've tried to strike a balance between the glam and the go-to with something for everyone in unexpected yet classic, historical colorways.

London College of Fashion - a beautiful 1930s spectator oxford.

1920s metallic leather shoes were all the rage. These are from Antique Dress.  

We're very proud of the new girls, and we hope you like them too! To check out all of the Darlings, inspired by the shoes in this post (and many others), please visit

Pre-Order for all of the Deco Darlings opens
March 23rd at
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Deco Darlings - Pre-Order is OPEN!

The time has come, our darling dears...the Deco Darlings Collection is now open for Pre-Order!

Starting today until when the shoes are delivered in June, you can place your order with a nice $20 off and free USA shipping as a big "thank you" for helping make this collection a reality.

All of the Deco Darlings come in women's US sizes 6 - 10 and 11. They qualify for full Royal Rewards points as well as EasyPay Layaway. Woo!

We hope you enjoy these new 1920s and 1930s shoes! We loved studying and recreating these popular Art Deco designs and can't wait to see them paired with your vintage and retro outfits.


Royal Vintage "Deco Darlings" Collection - 1920s and 30s Shoes

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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The Deco Darlings Shoes - Previews!

It's preview time!

Ladies, we'd like to introduce the "Deco Darlings." This lot is our second collection, and we are *so* excited about it!

The "Deco Darlings" are each inspired by original 1920s and 1930s shoes. We wanted to focus on interesting yet classic color combinations popular in this period, and create beautiful, practical shoes that can be worn authentically with real vintage attire or easily with modern dress without looking costumey.

Deco Darlings open for Pre-Order
March 23rd at

Allow us to introduce our new girls:

"Lillian" in Sage Green and Ivory Leather. These button-strap mary janes present a classic and *very* popular color combination and feature a true button closure. We names these after Lillian Gish, naturally. Wear them with everything, even the unexpected.

"Lillian" in Navy Blue and Ivory. We've heard your cries for a good navy blue spectator, so give Lillians in this classic combo a whirl. True button strap, all leather upper and lining, and rubber soling.

"Evelyn" in Tan and Brown. Summer Oxfords here we are. The Evelyns are the sporty choice for earth-toned wardrobes and will carry you well into Fall looking snazzy as all get-out.

"Evelyn" in Navy Blue and Brown, a classic menswear-inspired combo in canvas and leather. These make a great neutral, even two-toned. Wear them with *all the things!*

"Roxy" in metallic gold are flapper-fantastic. Based on an original pair worn in Downton Abbey, the Roxies are ready for a night out. Lauren wore these *all over* New York City with style and comfort.

"Roxy" in metallic silver, the perfect shoe to pair with beaded flapper dresses or glamorous '30s evening gowns.
 We're very proud of the new girls, and we hope you like them too! 

Deco Darlings open for Pre-Order
March 23rd at
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Monday, March 6, 2017

Vintage Headscarves 101

We often get questions about vintage headscarves - How to tie them? Where to get them? How large should they be? How to wear them?

Abby and I wear scarves-upon-our-heads so often that they've become a part of our regular vintage-inspired wardrobes. How nice is it to just cover up that bad hair day? Or maybe you've set your hair in pin curls but need to go about your daily public...with a suitably fabulous head covering. Or maybe you just want to look cute.

Head scarves can be tied a gazillion ways, but here's our standard:

1. Start with a large scarf about 1 yard square (36 x 36" wide). You don't want much smaller than this, but larger is OK. Note: nearly all handkerchiefs you can buy in the store are too small. If you want full coverage and that nice big vintage bow, check out Burnley & Trowbridge (which is what we wear), or make your own scarves from lightweight printed cotton.

2. Fold the square in half corner-to-corner to make a triangle. The long edge of the triangle is stretchy because it's on the bias when folded this way, which allows for a good tight bow and helps the scarf stay put.

3.  Place the middle of the long folded edge of the triangle at the nape of your neck, then pull the long tails up in front of your fore head. At this point, your bow style is up to you. You can knot the tails, catching in the short triangle between the two knots, tuck the tails in various ways, or tie a bow over the short triangle. It's personal choice and experimentation.

4. Just behind the bow/knot, on either side of your head, tuck the scarf down. This is sortof a folding/rolling motion that tucks the loose parts down against your head and gives a trim appearance.

5. Pin the sides above your ears with bobby pins. Pin the center back if you like. And fluff the bow!

Often hair can be quite slick and your scarf will slide right off. Here are our tips for keeping your scarf securely on:
  • Use cotton. Avoid silk, which can be too slick.
  • Pin curl your hair around where the scarf edge will sit. These aren't nice pin-curls - they're just there to anchor the scarf. This is especially a good idea if you have fine hair and also long hair.
  • Tie your scarf tight enough - the bias created by the triangular fold is stretchy, which means it can get loose throughout the day. Be sure to tie the scarf on tight enough and re-tie as necessary.
  • Bobby pin the scarf above your ears and at the center back.
Tying and wearing head scarves takes practice. Don't get discouraged - find what works for you. Start with a low-profile knot and build up to a bigger bow as you feel more comfortable.

Most importantly, have fun!

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Thursday, March 2, 2017


Photo by Anne Hugus Photography

It's been a long time coming, but here we are! Finally, the Royal Vintage blog!

Here we will be sharing all of our vintage-related projects: dress diaries and outfits, events, shenanigans, and behind-the-scenes peeks at upcoming shoe designs.

So please put your seat and tray table in the upright and locked position and come along on this old-fashioned ride with us.


Lauren & Abby
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