Thursday, March 23, 2017

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Our "Deco Darlings" Shoe Inspiration

Behind every great retro shoe is a fabulous original vintage shoe (or lots of them).

We have *a lot* of original vintage and antique shoes in our ever-growing archive. We use these for inspiration, to study, and to take molds and patterns from. In addition, we draw inspiration from old magazine and catalog ads, antique footwear in museum collections, and old movies.

"Downton Abbey" used a great many original shoes in production, like the gold pair Lady Rose is sporting here. These inspired our "Roxy" directly, couldn't you tell?
This Spring's new collection, the Deco Darlings, combine many elements of beautiful vintage footwear. Our goal was to create three styles for Summer to take a girl through a whole day and evening - sporty oxfords for active style, a solid mary jane for tea time, and a flashy metallic shoe for evening glamour.

1930s inspiration influencing the "Lillian" Mary Janes in navy blue and ivory. (via) 

1920s inspiration - sage green and ivory/tan leather mary janes with all kinds of beautiful cutwork. Shoe Icons Museum. 
Another goal of the Deco Darlings collection was to create totally unique designs with our Royal Vintage flair for the accurate. There were *so many* incredible designs in the '20s and '30s with bright colors, extravagant fabrics, and glitzy heels. There were also myriad plain and practical shoes - black, brown, ivory, rinse, repeat. We've tried to strike a balance between the glam and the go-to with something for everyone in unexpected yet classic, historical colorways.

London College of Fashion - a beautiful 1930s spectator oxford.

1920s metallic leather shoes were all the rage. These are from Antique Dress.  

We're very proud of the new girls, and we hope you like them too! To check out all of the Darlings, inspired by the shoes in this post (and many others), please visit

Pre-Order for all of the Deco Darlings opens
March 23rd at


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