Monday, May 1, 2017

"New Old Stock" True Vintage Shoes Are Here

An original pair of suede pumps with cool grosgrain bows from the 1930s. New Old Stock shoes available at
A long time ago - okay, a year ago - we had the opportunity to purchase a lot (like, an auction lot) of original, never-worn vintage shoes. These shoes - about 100 pairs - were found in a general store in Canada. This is the stuff of vintage lover's dreams - a historical footwear barn-find - a treasure trove of high heeled bliss!

Of course we jumped at the chance and a great many boxes of shoes arrived soon after. The squeals were audible, opening those boxes up to find a plethora of 1920s, 30s, and 40s shoes.

Having been stashed for the greater part of a century, most of these shoes needed love. Even though they had never been owned or worn, they were dusty and needing boxes, so we set to work with the shoe polish, tissue, and fresh new Royal Vintage shoe boxes to keep them safe and organized.

White leather with perforrations. These NOS 1930s shoes are stunning. How about those rosettes and the teeny tiny peep toe?
I would love to keep all of these precious babies, and indeed we have held a few of the most exquisite designs for future reproductions, but it's time for them to go out into the world and be loved as they were always intended to be.

Now we are making these shoes available to you. It's a big undertaking, so we're adding new pairs each week until they're all up.

These shoes are possibly childrens or young ladies' shoes but can just as easily work for ladies' Summer sandals. They're about a US size 5.5, with a t-strap closure and thick leather soles.
Most of these shoes are small, no lie. They're primarily sizes 5 - 8 and quite narrow, AA through AAA, as is common with original vintage shoes. We've measured the insoles for length and the outsoles for width and come up with an approximate size, so if you're considering a pair to wear be sure to check the measurements.

We'll share more about these beauties soon, particularly our favorites, the eldest styles from the 1920s, and a few of the designs we're keeping for reference.

Check out the current offerings of NOS shoes here:

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