Monday, August 28, 2017

Swag: 1920s Beaded Bags

Original 1920s beaded purses
This year at Costume College we were treated to a host of new - and epic - vendors selling all sorts of random and wonderful stuff.

One of these vendors offered just piles and piles of estate sale treasure. You really had to dig, and also keep coming back to dig some more, because as the piles decreased, they were added to by a reservoir of random antique bric-a-brac that somehow kept manifesting.

Intricate beading in turquoise and silver.

Silk lining in bright turquoise - it's a wonder this has survived. The weave of the silk accounts for its durability.

I as lucky, and I do mean lucky, to snag not one but two 1920s beaded purses in near-perfect condition. Purses like these aren't hard to find, but are often a) very expensive, b) missing their linings (the bag), or c) losing beads. Imagine my disbelief when these two exquisite bags were not only surviving admirably but were also...wait for it...only $15 each.


Orange and blue beaded 1920s bag - quite loud!

The bright-ass orange silk lining is in tact. The pressed tin frame also survives but is a little worse for wear with some oxidization.
They are such treasures! The blue one is a wonderful mix of various turquoise and silvery hues that reminds me of water. The orange one, well, it's just wackadoodle and so obnoxious. I can imagine some saucy Flapper rocking this bag, a small bullet of dark lipstick and a tiny pressed powder within.

The best places to find bags like these, in my opinion, is at flea markets, or online on Etsy or eBay. With the popularity of the '20s coming back, too, there are some modern makers of beaded bags. You can see all the coolest ones in one place at Vintage Dancer.

Flashy was the flapper who carried these bags!

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Review "The True Thirties Dress" in Blue Stripe by Emmy Designs Sweden

Hello Lovelies!

Abby here to talk to you about my new favorite dress in the (very large & needs to be cleaned out) wardrobe -

The True Thirties Dress by Emmy Designs of Sweden

Y'all. Seriously - Emmy created everything a girl could want in a dress with this lovely number. I mean, look at it!

Those lines though....
I love a good summer dress in a nice lightweight material, and The True Thirties dress is just that. It's made from a nice lightweight striped cotton (100%) that is cool and comfortable for the high summer heat (and humidity depending on where you're living...). I wore this dress for the first time when Lauren and I went to Louisville, Kentucky for Jane Austen Festival, and it was beyond comfortable when we were running around town and spending time outside. The lightness of the fabric and the swing of the skirt allowed for a lot of air circulation, and kept my body cool and comfortable in the high heat & humidity.

Look at that twirly skirt! wee!
My favorite pieces of clothing are those that have a healthy blend of classic, sophisticated design lines with a thoughtful & creative edge to the detailing. Emmy's True Thirties Dress does both of those things. The careful layout and design of the striped pattern on the bodice of the dress helps draw the eye to the narrowness of my waist, and packs such a visual punch that you will receive compliments where ever you go! (I kid you not - I keep a tally when I wear this dress because it amuses me so much!)

Please forgive my modern hair and 1780s earrings - I was doing a hell of a mish-mash that weekend!
The skirt also has just a little extra fullness at the sides and *drumroll* pockets! I mean, really, what girl doesn't love every dress she owns with pockets?! It's just not possible! Seriously - this dress is just the best, and it takes a lot of effort for me to not wear it every day of the week! (Lauren would probably start to worry about me...ha!)

Emmy Design's True Thirties Dress retails for 209 Euro (approx. $226) and is worth every penny. It's well made, well designed, and will get you compliments and looks everywhere you go. If simple blue & white isn't your favorite - The True Thirties Dress also comes in a Poly/Cotton Mint Green, Blue, and White Striped Seersucker version, too!

 <3 <3

Shameless Self-Promotion: I wore this dress with our new Claire Oxfords in White (Pre-Order until Aug 10th!), but I also love wearing this dress with Evelyn Oxfords in Tan/Brown and Marilyn Pumps in Red for a punch of sassy color!
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Thursday, August 3, 2017

It's GIVEAWAY TIME! Win $175 from Royal Vintage!

You guessed it! We're hosting a giveaway for a $175 gift certificate to!

There are so many many, many, ways to enter. Each entry has a different number of points, so you can do as many of these or as few as these as you like for a various number of entries.

If you have already pre-ordered any of the new New Yorker Collection shoes (Claire, Susie, Eve, or Rosie), go ahead and enter your order # for an automatic 5 entry points. If you are drawn as the winner, you have your choice of that sweet, sweet gift certificate OR we will happily refund your order!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please feel free to use photos from our blog here, our Facebook page, or our website at Post away! Collect entry points! Woo!

The contest runs from August 3 - August 10. The winner will be drawn at random and announced August 11th. Have fun, folks!
"Claire" 1940s Oxfords in white - perfect nurse shoes!

Claire 1940s oxfords in black.

Rosie WWII Double Buckle Boots for Women

A good pair of classic saddle shoes will last you a lifetime.

Susie Saddle Shoes in blue/white.

Claire 1940s Oxfords in black leather.

Susie Saddle Shoes in three classic colors - black, blue, and brown

Claire 1940s Oxfords in brown with stacked heels

The beautiful new Eve sandals in rose gold metallic leather.

All our F/W 2017 New Yorkers!

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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Pre-Order Open - New Royal Vintage F/W Shoes are Here!

When the weather turns cold, snowy, and wet, what's a vintage girl to do? We know you're all enjoying the Summer Haze right now, but *Winter Is Coming* ;-). When it does, there's no need to sacrifice your vintage style. This season, we've got you covered.

Meet the New Yorkers - practical, stylish, and comfortable shoes made from original 1930s and 40s designs.

Pre-Order is currently open in the USA at

Limited styles in Europe at

Last Autumn, Abby and I visited New York for the first time and were introduced to the wonderful vintage community there. Throughout our stay we observed a totally different way of life than we have out here on the West Coast - one of lots of walking city streets, standing in subways, and needing shoes that are sturdy, practical, but also stylish. The idea for a collection of Fall and Winter shoes to fill this need was born.

Claire Oxfords

Above - Reproduction "Claire" Oxfords by Royal Vintage Shoes. Below - Original advertisement for oxfords from Wards, 1947 courtesy of Vintage Dancer
Luckily for us, we had an original early 1940s "Academy Girl" oxford in our study archive, which served as the model for our new Claire oxfords. Offered in the standard "regulation" colors found in 1940s catalogs and advertisements (white, black, and brown), the Claires blend a common sense heel with fashionable perforated uppers just like the originals.

Claire 1940s Oxfords in black leather by Royal Vintage.
Whether you're portraying a servicewoman or civilian or you just need a great pair of long-distance vintage-style shoes, Claires are an excellent choice for the season.

Susie Saddle Shoes

Susie Saddle Shoes by Royal Vintage - real leather, real rubber soles, really comfortable.
It's hard to ignore the classic saddle shoe in the first half of the 20th century. Popular for a good 50 years, saddle shoes changed very little during this time.

Royal Vintage Susie Saddle Shoes in blue and white leather with orange rubber soles.
Our Susies are patterned from an original Spalding saddle shoe in our archive and are specifically designed for women: they are lightweight with a tapered, low-profile toe, and feature an all-in-one molded rubber sole just like the original. We're starting with three classic color combos - black/white, blue/white, and brown/white - in real leather inside and out.

Eve Art Deco Sandals

Eve Art Deco Sandals with keyhole design, t-strap, and caged toe. In stunning rose gold metallic leather. Also available in black.
Style and practicality should also extend to the evening, when our friends in New York are wanting a bit of shimmer, shine, and glamour for their after-dark events.

Royal Vintage "Eve" 1930s sandals in black leather.
The Eve sandals offer a classic keyhole design in a caged sandal combined with the security of a t-strap and the 2 3/8" Spanish heel for comfort without frumpiness.  Offered in classic black leather or our new and *stunning* rose gold metallic leather, Eves are everything you want in an Old Hollywood Golden Age evening shoe.

Rosie Boots

Royal Vintage "Rosie WWII Double-Buckle Boots for women. These are everything you want and need them to be.
Perhaps one of the greatest challenges for women in the vintage community is that of winter boots. With so few practical, durable, and authentic options out there, we saw a great need for something comfy and kick-ass. It was "meant to be" when a reader sent us an original double-buckle boot from the 1940s, which we have recreated faithfully and tested thoroughly with excellent results. The Rosie Boots are your go-to's. Wear them for reenacting World War II events or on their own.

Wear the Rosie Boots for reenactment or regular dress - modern or vintage!

We hope you like this year's Fall/Winter collection. Our goal is to keep you stylishly on your feet in durable, practical, and beautiful shoes that will serve you for years.

Our USA pre-order is open with $20 off and FREE shipping in the USA through August 10th at

UK gals, avoid the costly shipping and import duties by pre-ordering through
Revival Retro and enjoy easy and cheap returns and exchanges too.

Euro girls, Eve and Claire are also open for pre-order at Vecona Vintage. Avoid the shipping and import fees from the US and enjoy easy and cheap returns and exchanges within the EU.

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