Monday, August 14, 2017

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Getting Ready for Gatsby

Hello Lovelies!

Abby here -- and let me tell you -- I have 1920s on the brain! Now that Costume College has ended, the Royal Vintage travel schedule has died down just a bit for August, and Lauren and I are starting our prep for Gatsby Summer Afternoon in Oakland on September 10th!

I've had a love for the 1920s for a bit of time now and while I own 3 original dresses, I wanted to make something new to wear to the picnic so I wouldn't have to worry about the garment. I've been known to "Hulk Out" and do some damage on my clothes, and I don't want to do that to an original...again...on accident. 😬

When I think of accessible 1920s and vintage dress patterns, one of the first pattern companies that come to mind is Decades of Style. I've been a fan of Janet & the company for a few years now and have a couple of their patterns already. Low and behold, while at Costume College I met a lovely lady who had on this great 1920s dress. When I asked her about the dress and she told me it was Decades of Style's 1925 Zig Zag pattern, I knew what I had to do.

This is the cover of Decades of Style's 1925 Zig Zag Dress Pattern - isn't it gorgeous?! I'm doing the sleeved variation since I'm not a fan of sleeveless anything. :) 

I was in love and it had to be mine.

I already had some sky blue cotton voile in my stash that would be perfect and I decided to add white voile bias for accenting all the lovely seam lines, and so after I got my hands on the pattern I set off to work.

I was very nervous adding the white detail to the skirt seams - since everything is thin and on the bias.

It's still currently in 2 large chunks (skirt and bodice), but I am making progress! I was (and still am) nervous about doing the dress justice. My machine sewing skills are extremely novice compared to my handsewing ability. So it's been a very good learning experience for me.

Not perfect, but I am very happy with how my white detailing is working.
I'm almost to the attach the skirt and the bodice together part, but I still need to finish pressing and prepping the skirt points (spray starch is your friend for this part). I'm also riding the struggle bus with the gathering at the shoulders for the bodice. I think my brain is just having a hard time making the mental calculations and steps to do what needs to be done.... (as in I'm over thinking it.)

So that's where my new 1920s dress is at the moment...a productive work in progress. I'm also trying to decide on which shoes I want to wear with them. Currently, I'm thinking Evelyn in Brown/Tan - what do you think?

Until the next update! <3 <3


  1. Your dress is going to turn out lovely! I like the colors you picked. (This is a great pattern; I've used it twice because I love it so much). I'm glad you and Lauren will be going to the Gatsby Picnic; see you there!

    1. Oh Thank You! I hope it looks as nice as I have envisioned, and I am so excited to go to Gatsby! :D

  2. That's going to be gorgeous! I made the Zig Zag dress for Gatsby one year out of some silk chiffon with insertion lace. It's a lovely pattern. I hope to see you both at the Gatsby!

  3. Looking good! I'm fascinated that you are expert at hand stitching but a novice on a machine. That's so rare and wonderful!

  4. Thanks Cathy! It is kind of funny how I'm totally like an 1850s dressmaker with the machine.."What is this here?" What does this button do? Oh shit did I just break it?! etc. etc. etc. :D

  5. You can totally hand baste the skirt to the bodice for extra precision and peace of mind. Or even hand sew it.