Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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Hello Again - Foxtrot Summer!

Well, I've neglected this blog for too long...to the point where somebody actually scolded me for it (lol!). So here I am!

So what's new? Well, we're getting ready to release our Spring/Summer 2019 collection. We've called it the "Foxtrot" collection, and the color palette is inspired by the feeling of an Art Deco summer of dancing and dining.

Toe Teaser - a fresh new colorway for Lillian Mary Janes, and the return on our classic navy and ivory.
We've gone with some bold hues this season - bright blues, coral pinks, teal, yellow, and red. We want to celebrate color as a neutral - yes, you CAN wear green shoes with so many things! - and break out of the everything-is-black idea.

You'll find a beautiful new oxford, two sandals, a pump, and a fresh color for our popular "Lillian" mary janes. A couple of the designs come with two sets of shoe laces, a contrast color and a matching color.

Our inspiration sheet that inspired the Spring/Summer palette. We did not reproduce these original styles, but used them for inspiration.
Foxtrot will be opening for pre-order in April. You can sign up for email updates here. We hope you enjoy the bright new styles! More previews and information is on the way.
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