Monday, April 8, 2019

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Oh "Lillian" - New Colors for Foxtrot Summer 2019

One of our most popular designs, "Lillian," is now revived in our most requested colors!

Our beautiful two-tone spectator Mary Janes, perfect for 1920s and 1930s, are now available in soft yellow/ivory as well as an updated navy blue/ivory.

Lillian Art Deco Mary Jane Shoes in soft yellow and ivory. These are ridiculously cute!
Additionally, Lillians now feature our sealed all-leather soling, making these mary jane pumps epic for dancing.

The Lillians come with a true-button strap closure (move that button to make them fit perfectly, ladies!), leather lining, and our oh-so-comfortable 2.5 inch 1930s heel.

Top Seller - Lillian Art Deco Mary Janes in navy blue and ivory. Now with leather soles!
We hope you love these new color options! We can't wait to see what you pair your fresh new Lillians with.

Lillians and all of the new Foxtrot Summer collection is open for pre-order April 25th - May 17, 2019


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