Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Royal Vintage Shoes Now Have Leather Soles!

Daphne wedges are wonderfully danceable - they lace up securely on the foot, are soft and comfy with a low heel, and have leather soling.
Big news! This Summer season we have made the switch from rubber to leather soling. There are a couple of reasons for this and a few things you will want to know, so here goes...

Leather soles are great for dancing. You can swing the night away on real leather soling, but not on rubber, which is one reason for our switch thanks to ample feedback from the dance community.

Broadway also chimed in with some vital information - did you know you can adhere rubber to leather, but you can't glue leather to rubber? Broadway performers often prefer different kinds of rubber for their soling, so giving the option to customize was important.

If you live in a wet and slippery climate, you might prefer the rubber soling. No problem! A shoe repair shop can easily put on a rubber sole in any "stickiness" you like.

Gorgeous new "Cora" 1940s sandals in soft suede, now with leather soles.
Our leather soles are sealed for durability. Leather soling, being a natural material, needs protection. When your Royal Vintage Shoes come new, they have a topically-applied acrylic sealer over the raw leather that helps form a barrier from moisture. As you walk, this sealer scratches off where your soles impact the ground, but remains around the edges and areas that do not make contact. To keep your soles from sucking up too much water, we recommend regularly applying mink oil to the raw leather portions, or painting on acrylic sole paint/sealer.

It's easier to try-on-and-return now, thanks to the sole sheets. Because leather soles are softer than rubber, they can scratch and scuff easily when trying your shoes on. We always recommend trying your new shoes on carpet, a towel, or a clean soft surface. We've also left the sheets on, which are adhesive plastic barriers that protect the soles. (these are a normal part of footwear manufacture that are usually removed before completion) Once you decide to keep the shoes, peel the plastic sheets off (they're slick otherwise!).

All of our shoes *except winter boots* will have leather soles from now on. With styles like "Aspen," meant to be worn outdoors in cold and wet weather, we're sticking with the rubber soles for safety and durability. The first collection to feature the leather soling is S/S2019 "Foxtrot." You'll still see rubber soling on our heeled shoes on RoyalVintageShoes.com for now, as we phase out these older styles.

We hope you like your new shoes and enjoy the quality, danceability, and feel of the leather soling. It's just one more step towards comfort and authenticity.


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